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Guest Testimonials

Recommended in Rick Steves France 2022


Barge Nilaya's been listed in the excellent Rick Steves 'France' guide book since 2008. We often enjoy the company of his well travelled followers. Many sandwich an informal six night French barge cruise between two Rick Steves organised tours or simply as a relaxing break within their own hectic travel plans.


July 2023

Not quite sure how to thank you enough for the time you shared with us on your Barge! Every so often you meet people that make you feel like old friends “straight away“ :-) Kevin, you’ve done that in spades! We’ve enjoyed everything you’ve shared with us and as such as much as any trip we’ve had. The food and wine have been truly fabulous – every meal. And the presentation Isabelle, has made me want to up my game at home! No one leaves lighter than when they arrived – it’s confirmed! We can say, without a second thought, that you are two of the most welcoming, warm, funny, talented and interesting people we’ve shared a vacation with and we thank you for it. We would be so excited to have you visit us. If you’re ever in the Pacific north-west of the USA, we offer a solid invitation that never expires! Thank you again! 

Judy and Mark - Oregon, USA

They say, that anticipation adds to the enjoyment of every pleasure and waiting for Nilaya made the savouring of this holiday, all that much sweeter! We enjoyed everything!!! From Kevins, great histories, and advice on touring to Isabelles incredible cuisine, we truly could not have asked for more. Thank you so many times over! It was a joy getting to know you both And hear your global travels and mini adventures. We hope that we may see you again or maybe somewhere else somewhere around the world. Good luck and Godspeed Nilaya. All the very best.

Bill and Kathy - Virginia, U,SA

How do we love thee, let us count the ways:

1: The food! Amazing and appreciated.

2: To the tips. All the information for this trip, future and past adventures.

3: The car. We consider this going way above and beyond. (Especially the Guide). And being able to go to the top of ridges, and into town was great!

4: The mix. Of downtime, cruising, and walking adventures (those stairs), Love Luneville!… ooh La La. 

5: The deck. How will we survive without the view passing us by?

6: The world of travels you brought to life. Hearing the stories of travels will inspire us to get out into this world more!

7: Nilaya herself! What a treasure!

Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your barge and dream with so many! To Isabelle, for the icing on Kevin‘s cake. You bring so much to the table! We appreciate you

Don and Patti - Ohio, USA

June 2023

Cruise, eat, relax, repeat! Such were our days on Barge Nilaya. You were extraordinary hosts as we meandered our way on the Marne Rhine canal between Saverne to Nancy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part part of France with us. We’ll remember our trip fondly. Merci! 

Carol, Arne, Kit and Melinda - California, USA

Beyond expectations to the top and then some! Greatly appreciated your hospitality, Kevin’s storytelling and Izzy’s cooking, especially her tartiflette. Smooth, sailing, fair winds, following seas, or should it be wide open locks?

Don and Mary - Virginia, USA

Thank you for an incredible week on the Marne Rhine Canal, introducing us to a slower vacation experience of the small villages of Alsace Lorraine. Our Blood pressure has dropped, even with the most amazing food! This was a spur of the moment vacation when you posted a cabin opening, but years on our to do list! We will remember all your wonderful stories Kevin plus the suggestions of hotels before, after, restaurants, side activities etc. France will never be the same!

Jeff and Margaret - California, USA.

What a wonderful week you gave to us! Your pleasing personalities, outstanding meals and wine made for an outstanding trip. Kevin’s stories and canal history brought the canal to life. Isabelle‘s knowledge about the stained glass windows in the ‘chapelle des cordelières’ made the visit to see the artistry of Marc Chagall much more interesting than we could have possibly have hoped for. You’re both outstanding hosts who invited us into your “floating home” and made us feel so “at home”! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the outstanding meals. Although you always sent us to very good restaurants, all those meals came in second to the meals aboard Nilaya. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a delightful trip.I should add: Kevin: Captain, navigator; historian; great cook. - Isabelle: first mate; bollard expert; outstanding chef; great tour leader; nurse.

Peter and Pat - South Carolina, USA.

May 2023

Beautiful scenery, wonderful food, great conversations, delightful company, delicious wine, this cruise had everything! It could have been warmer, but heck, you can’t have it all! Thank you for showing us a new part of France (for us). We have enjoyed a glorious two weeks and if you do ever make a trip to our part of the world, we’d love to show you around.

Susan and Larry - USA

Such fun and intrigue! You are the best hosts for a barge trip through France! Thanks for going above and beyond, in making our trip such a special one! We loved learning about the area we traversed and getting to know both of you. 

Nancy and Al - Wisconsin, USA

We had such a good time, wonderful, food and scenery. You’re wonderful hosts and took such good care of us. Thanks so much! We enjoyed Kevin’s stories and learned so much about history. A truly wonderful week! We also enjoyed Isabelle’s wonderful tablesettings each and every day.

Susan and Barry - Oregon, USA

September 2022

We enjoyed immensely, our week on Nilaya. The journey was unique and included wonderful discoveries. You were most gracious hosts. Thank you for an exceptional travel experience.

Ken and Linda - Maine, USA

There's not much we can add that hasn't already been written. We were welcomed and given a real sense of the history and culture of this amazing area. From the wonderful food to the amazing side visits, this was all we could have imaginedand much much more. Thank you!

Tim and Kathleen - USA

Over 19 months, from our first contact to our arrival, with Nilaya, our expectations grew higher and higher. Would they be met? No. They were EXCEEDED! An absolutely beautiful barge, warm hospitality, exceptional food and so much fun! We leave with many pleasing memories. Thanks for everything!

Marilou and John - Massachusetts, USA

What an utterly gratifying job you have! To make so many people experience the joy of witnessing French river beauty from the spectacular comfort of your barge and all it (and you) offer.And all of this while so conspiculously enjoying your life on the barge (and everywhere else on earth!). Thank you for the experience, the stimulating and informative conversation, the food, the side tours, the peacefulness, the friendship, (the weather! How did you do that?) plus the chance to relax with old friends.

Mike and Bonnie - Minnesota, USA

You have redefined hospitality. We know how hard you worked to make us feel welcome, to feed us and to make sure that we had an amazing barge experience. We did, but you made it all seem so effortless which enhanced the relaxed atmosphere that we enjoyed so much. Thank you for everything!

Steve and Andrea - Massachusetts, USA

FANTASTIC! The second (and third) time was even more wonderful. The trip was awesome. The locks, the barge lift, the tunnels, the moonlit evenings, all of it beyond expectations. But the people make the memories even more special. Our wine, bread, cheese and supurb meals shared will go down as the 'piece de resistance'! Watch out 2025 or 26. There may be just one more adventure for us! Another memorable special week spent on the Nilaya.... You both make the week an incredible adventure and so relaxing. We loved it all and would love to do it again!

Rick, Jill, Lou and MJ - Massachusetts, USA

Thank you for a wonderful time aboard Nilaya. The scenery, the food, the conversation and the accomodations were truly outstanding. We appreciate your hospitality and enjoyed our interactions with you as well as our fellow guests.You two have a beautiful choreography, taking care of your passengers, navigating the waterwaus and answering our many questions. The activities you planned for us were the 'golden mean' between too much and not enough. You always had our best interest uppermost in your itineraries. We thoroughly enjoyed EVERY meal on board and in the restaurants. The variety and authenticity of your menus were unparallelled. We were constantly amazed at the beauty and complexity of the table settings. Your storage and organisational skills are awe inspiring and we hope to incorporate at least one of them into our home! We truly appreciate our anniversary celebration.

Sandi and Steve - California, USA

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time on the 'good ship' Nilaya. You have really spoiled us, taking special care of us two limping oldies!! Thank you for making sure we did enjoy being able to use the bikes, the trip down the 17 disused locks, especially. Wonderful food Izzy! Another few days of your cooking and we would have been KG's heavier! Special thanks to Kevin for your car available up to the first lock with the bikes plus the castle in Lutzelbourg. You are a great tour guide! We wish you all the bvest for the rest of your cruising.

Brian and Isabel - Auckland, New Zealand

July 2022

Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. We loved every kilometre of it from the locks, to the tunnels, walks through the forest or along the canal, the bike rides, coffee on deck and of course, the beautiful and tasty meals. What a perfect get away!

Ken and Marilyn - California, USA

We have long been intrigued by barge culture and this trip met every expectation and more. We learned so much about France and the history of its waterways. Every day brought a new surprise, from the barge lift, to the tunnels, to the towns along the way. Our favorite part of the day was sitting out on deck with coffee in the morning, just watching the world go by. And then there's the food and hospitality. Izzy, youre an amazing chef and you wowed us with every meal, with wonderful flavors and your everchanging array of dishes. Thanks too for being attuned to our every need. We loved the trip! Thanks so much.

Laurie and Chris - Colorado, USA

We have wanted to take a barge trip for 20 years and this was absolutely worth waiting for! We wanted to do something special for our daughter and son in laws anniversary, and we couldnt have chosen better! As everyone says, the accomodations, the food and the company were as wonderful as the scenery. Thank you for making this trip fantastic and memorable.

Kathy, Ralph, Vandra and RJ - USA

June 2022

We'll never need to eat again! Thank you for the delicious food, wine, comfortable beds, warm showers, the 100 degree heat in Nancy, the beautiful scenery, the breads, pastries, death by cheese and the fresh flowers in our room! You are such attentive and generous hosts, you could not do this if you did not love it. We hope to return in 2024 and that we all remain healthy in the interim. Many, many, many thanks!

Liz - California, USA

Okay, this being my first trip to Europe, I had expectations, but not this! We head to Nancy and are met by this guy who sweeps us up and takes us to his barge and changes everything. For the next week, we stop rushing. We dont need to think of what to do because he takes care of everything!! Kevin and Izzy treated us to a "time out" from planning, what to do, where to go, what to eat. They treated us to a look and insight into French life. We should have started here first! This is what I will remember most! Thanks for sharing it with us. We'll never need to eat again! Thank you for the delicious food, wine, comfortable beds, warm showers, the 100 degree heat in Nancy, the beautiful scenery, the breads, pastries, death by cheese and the flowers in our room. You are such attentive and generous hosts and you couldn't do this if you didn't love it! We hope to return in 2024 and that we all remain healthy in the interim. Many, many, many thanks!

Fred - California, USA

Thank you, thank you! It was as if you anticipated our every need. The entire trip exceeded our expectations. Our time on board was filled with breathtaking views, outstanding food, fun and good conversation! We wish you both lots of love and laughter  in all your future endeavors! Au revoir and cheers! 

(Tom) I have been obsessed with canal cruising.... The Nilaya gave me a 'forever' gift! Thank you Kevin and Izzy. You represent why we love to travel!

Tom, Leslie, Matt and Chantelle - South Dakota, USA

Thank you. Thank you again. And did I say thank you? Katia and I have been dreaming of this trip for many years and you made every bit of our dreams come true. You did all of the little things as well as the large ones. Food, wine, books, maps, information, time apart not just in cruising, but imparting your knowledge of the surroundings, barge life, from the trip down the canal to all the places you've been in your life made the days full of adventure and fun. And will tell all our friends about you. And did I say thanks for all the memories we will have over the years to come? Thank you.

Alexander and Katia - Florida, USA

May 2022

Thank you for a relaxing week aboard the Nilaya. She is a beautiful barge, filled with love. You both show how much you care for her, your guests and each other! What a delight! Wishing you the best!

Ginger and Gary - Washington, USA

What a delightful week we had - so relaxing. The restaurant recomendations were perfect and the meals aboard were delightful. We so enjoyed solving the problems of the world as we talked in the wheelhouse while going up and down the canals. Thanks for such a terrific time. It will not be soon forgotten!

Cathy and Charlie - Texas, USA

Thanks does not say it well enough! You three, including Nilaya, made this one of our best travel experiences. Very relaxing and a great introduction to canal travelling as well as eastern France. Be aware of small 'bumps', NOT!!

Pete and Lorelie - Arizona, USA

Thank you for the amazing adventure! From the beautiful vistas, the stories and of course the wonderful food, all was excellently delivered and enourmously enjoyable. We will share our stories of our trip with friends, family for many years to come and for your plan to take Nilaya to the south. Bon voyage!

What an amazing trip / experience filled with adventure, relaxation and gourmet food, food, and more food! I go taking with me not just extra weight :-) but truly, memories of a lifetime. Thank you for making every detail taken care of before we even had a chance to ask. Izzy's contstant laughter and smile lit up every day and Kevin's experience shared through countless interesting stories kept all of our attention. Again, thanks for making this a trip we will never forget.

Gill and Bruce - Ontario, Canada

Everything in this book is true! "Gracious, delicious, delightful, professional". We will treasure our memories of an (almost) disconnected week forever. Thanks for living your dream and sharing it for a brief moment with us.

Sharon and Todd - New York, USA

April 2022

It was so lovely to barge with you again. We live our dream through you! You are most welcome to visit us in San Francisco on your journey to the States.

Catherine and Robin - California, USA

I had the greatest of times - I'm so glad that even when you tried to 'hide' the boat for a couple of hours in the hope I'd give up looking for you, we re-connected :-) . Thanks for sending out the canal police. Take care of each other as you do. You are an inspiration. All my best.

Jane - Iowa, USA

Thank you so much for letting us "barge in"! What a lovely experience we had! From the first peek in to the boat with every detail made to perfection to the scenic cruising and lock navigation to the fabulous breakfasts, lunches and dinners, you were ever gracious host and hostess. Thanks for giving us memories that will last a lifetime!

Jane - Colorado, USA

October 2021

Thank you so much for a beautiful experience in nature and the locks of France. Happy travels to you both!

Madeleine - California, USA

Thank you for speaking the language of love through all you do!

Mary - California, USA

Once in a while you can catch lightning in a bottle and this last week we did just that. Spending a week with Kevin and Isabelle on the Nilaya fulfilled and exceeeded our wildest expectations. We thank you for choosing this work!

Pete, Joan, Mary and Ronnie - Guam, USA

It is difficult to thank you enough for all you've done to make our journey unforgettable. Our stay on Nilaya was more than expected. More of everything, food, wine and gracious hospitality. We will fondly remember our journey on Nilaya and wish you all the best for your future.

Scott and Deb - Washington, USA

September 2021

It is impossible to describe all the special moments we had on our trip with you both. From the first steps on Nilaya we feltthe warmthand inclusion in our temporary home. The food, wines and fellowship were wonderful and the knowledge you two passed along, priceless. Thank you both for a wonderful relaxing trip.

Katie, Mike and Lawana - Tennessee, USA

Isabelle and the "walking encyclopedia"! Your knowledge is amazing! We ask, you know! Our trip with you has been unbelievable all the way. The sights have been interesting all the way. But even better, the food! I am glad that I was at low weight before we started. Back to excercise and small meals when we are home. We wish you all the best in your journeys.

Mary Jo and Bill - Wisconsin, USA

What an amazing trip! We are so glad book on a larger barge. Everything was just perfect. Happy to know we (partially) rehabilitated the reputation of travelling Texans! We wish you much luck and happiness in the next few years as you transition to southwest France.

Jamie and Patty - Texas, USA

October 2019

It was a delightful everything we expected +++. Kevin and Izzy are the most harmonious team, absolutely talented with their boat handling and food experiences and skills. Very professional in every aspect.

John and Lou - Tasmania, Australia

Many years ago we watched Rick Stein do a barge trip through France. We loved that so much we said one day we would like to do that. Bill, uncle to Kevin, recommended Barge Nilaya. Wow what a trip. Fantastic cruising, scenery, food, laughs and stories. We will be back. Thank to you both and you always have accommodation in Melbourne (or wherever we are). Cheers.

Paul and Bindi - Victoria, Australia

This has been the most amazing trip we have ever been on. Thank you for all the fun, great stories and the most delicious food in the world!! Fresh greens on the deck!! How do we express heaven on water? The Nilaya is the most delightful way to travel! Our ‘private’ cruise was so wonderful - thank you for all the delicious food and beautiful weather. We loved the great stories!! Every second!!

Wilson and Cathy - Bainbridge Island, USA

WORDS cannot do justice to this fabulous week on board Nilaya. All the rain + chill could not dampen our experience cruising the canal de la Marne au Rain with you. Just plain fun sitting behind you as you guided the Nilaya & Isabelle “so well done” took care of all the ropes. And what could we possibly say about the delicious food and absolute comfort of our time on the Nilaya. Isabelle most write that cook book one day. And we so much appreciate you both for taking us on some excursionist the chateaux when the weather was pretty bleak. Just a plain marvellous adventure that we’ll treasure & never forget.

Susan & Chuck - Maryland, USA  

What a week! You are such an inspiration to us - Upon our return we will spread our culinary wings and sail to destinations unfamiliar to us. Hopefully another trip on Barge Nilaya before you retire her to the next captain & crew! Cheers

Bev and Judy, South Carolina, USA

Thank you for welcoming us aboard your beautiful Barge Nilaya. the word “exceptional” has been overused to the point that it’s almost a ghost of its original meaning, but somehow you’ve returned adjective to its former glory. Every thing about this trip has been beyond what we had imagined- starting with the Nilaya. Fantastic job Kevin! What a beauty! You two are living a life most people can’t even imagine. For Aimee and me, you’re an inspiration. Life is short and unpredictable - maybe we should start acting like it instead of taking it for granted. - Any way - will miss you and Nilaya and remember our adventure with much happiness the rest of our lives.Thank you for taking me to Arracourt too Kevin! 

Crampton & Aimee - Tennessee USA 

September 2019

From the moment we boarded until the final goodbye, it was like being with old friends. Spectacular views, great food, bad jokes and terrific travelling companions made this a week to remember. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Robin and Catherine - California, USA

This has been a week to remember and a week of grand weather. Our first cruise with you was cold and rainy, so we appreciate the bright skies and much nicer weather. This week with you was so wonderful! Your hospitality has been amazing. There are so many “Chuck Lee” jokes to laugh about….. and then there are Kevin’s riddles.Your food has been outstanding! We will be dieting the next month to make up the bread and potatoes that we couldn’t wait to consume. The scenery was pastoral and the many walks, glorious. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts! All our love.

Charles & Charlotte - Massachusetts, USA

A 1000 thank you’s and merci(s) for INVITING us for our 2nd journey in your wonderful home on the canals. Laughter, kindness, hospitality and comfort ruled our journey. We specially enjoyed our cocktail party with Michel and Lucy. Thank you for inviting us into your family of friends.

Kevin, thank you for the shortest thing ever to accommodate our tailgate. You have an amazing way to protect my celebrity STATUS! Isabelle, Vous tees is charm ante! J’adore vote esprit! et nous aussi! Much love. Words CANNOT express our gratitude. Time to “WRAP” as we say on the set. Off for yet another film! Love you both.

Chuck E Lee and Cathy - Massachusetts, USA

Our final day on voyage number two. Crisp weather, blue skies, challenging winds! Cap'n Kevin manoeuvred admirably around the windy locks - BRAVO! Isabelle served, yet again, the most delicious meals and even got to experience a "modified American tailgate” as we all listen via ‘iTunes’ to an American football game! Thank you for your patience! From the longest tunnel, to the highest lock and lift, we enjoyed our vacation immensely. If a third time is a charm, we look forward to cruising with you again in 2021.

Cathy - Massachusetts, USA

What a hidden gem this tour is! From beginning to end, each day was filled with beautiful scenery, adventures (planned and pop up), cultural immersion and perfect culinary experiences. Kevin’s stories and enthusiasms were rich while Isabelle’s attention to detail was admirable. We can’t thank you both enough for one of our very favourite travel excursions. A five star rating for the most special couple and trip! 

Jane and John - Maine, USA

I am in agreement with John and Jane who we shared our trip with. Kevin and Isabelle are exceptional hosts and the canal trip is beautiful. Thank you very much for your help and your culinary experiences.

Roseanne and Janet - South Australia, Australia

Words fail - all things Barge Nilaya were beyond expectation and a delight. I’m sure all previous comments on preceeding pages echo / reflect that praise and appreciation. Ooh la la as we can now say in French! Endless “merci’s” to Kevin and Isabelle for sharing their skills, talents and enthusiasm.

Nancy - California, USA

August 2019

A wonderful trip into a special region of France. Barge life is so comfortable, + company and food, all at 5 star level. Thanks for a lovely trip. Next year I’ll bring my husband!

Sue - Washington, USA

Who knew? Our second adventure with you, Izzy and Kevin, was (impossibly) more delightful than the first! Thank you.

Virginia and Jim - Washington, USA

Maybe what I’m about to write will sound repetitive but here I go…. The trip from Nancy to Saverne was absolutely gorgeous. Our time on the barge was peaceful & relaxing and exceeded our expectations (I can’t even remember what they were now!).The countryside through which we cruised each day gradually changed from fields to forest. The colours of the landscapes and reflections in the water, a photographers dream. Now, the food!…

Isabelle. You are an amazing cook and hostess, tables set to perfection and food each day, absolutely delicious! Breads, manifique!

Lastly, your hospitality made Aiko and I feel as if we had known you for many years. Kevin. We’ll miss your daily jokes!

Janette and Aiko - New South Wales, Australia

July 2019

This trip has surpassed all expectations for scenery, delicious food, fun excursions and peaceful floating. Your gracious hospitality put us at ease, made us feel pampered and made the week extra special. Thank you for a delightful week!

Don and Nancy - Tennessee, USA

June 2019

Merci - Thank you so much for a wonderful week. We enjoyed sharing your “home” with you. We were very glad the route you chose allowed us to do daily river swims to avoid the “once in a decade” heat wave. The food & wine were ’tres bon’.

Warren, Donna, Todd and Nikki - Hawaii & Colorado, USA

Has there ever been a more perfect team than Isabelle and Kevin? One a chef extraordinaire who anticipates the needs of all guests, decorates like a professional and is a crew mate beyond compare. The other, a captain who is the epitome of what every captain aspires to be - nautically astute, dedicated to the safety of his passengers and possessor of incomparable knowledge, CRIKEY! They are amazing!

Bay and Chris - Alabama, USA

What a perfect trip! Everything was wonderful. You provided everything for us and more. Thanks. 

Perry and Jeff - Alabama, USA

What a wonderful experience! Every part of our visit has been spectacular. From meeting you the first day, through cruising along and through dozens of locks, fuelled by fabulous food and drink and energetic and warm companionship, good or bad weather, you warm up the cabin and make the voyage relaxing and a true vacation adventure. Thanks for your hospitality - we’ll never forget it!

Myron and Barbara - Colorado, USA

I have been dreaming about seeing France by canal boat for many years. Thanks for making the reality much better than my dreams. The food was fantastic! Even better, we enjoyed the fellowship of the boat and getting to know two extraordinary people. Thanks!

George and Elyse - Michigan, USA

Again, a most enjoyable week with new experiences, fabulous food, great weather and interesting stories! (including the faggot of beans!). Thank you very much. We hope to be back.

Jill and Doug - New Zealand

A wonderful week - Thank you Kevin & Izzy. Amazing food, stories and scenery. Enjoyed variables in the weather - Thunderstorms & hot days. Thank you for the bike rides - especially riding to the next village! Highlight - travelling up the barge lift (!!) and of course the deepest lock. Wow ! Cheers for your awesome hospitality. Great. Cheers. 

Bryan and Sherry, New Zealand

May 2019

We’ve had the most wonderful time on your beautiful Nilaya. We wanted good food, good company, relaxation and scenery and we got it all. Thank you for everything!! You have a home if you ever come to New Haven. This week has been amazing as it should always be. All our best.

Ken and Judy - 

Ditto big time from Francoise and Jonathan. Getting back to the “real world” of touring Europe is a daunting prospect after a week of being pampered at every turn. All the best wishes from us to you for your future voyages and worldly adventures.

Jonathan and Francoise - Connecticut, USA

Comfort, gourmet food, a beautiful peaceful voyage, stimulating conversation, lovely walks, top notch hospitality - we had it all! Thanks Kevin for your expert boat maneuvering and AM bike rides to the boulangerie - and of course much more! Isabelle, your good taste and special touches to all plus the best crew ever were greatly appreciated. What a lovely, relaxed time for us. The best to you both.

Evie and Mike - Oregon, USA

What a most wonderful six days in a most scenic, bucolic part of la belle France, on the beautiful Nilaya. Thank you Izzy, for the 5 star ++ food, your lovely table, each day different and your gracious attention to our needs. Thank you Kevin for keeping us safe and entertained with your stories, knowledge of the world and sense of humour and thank you both for your generous and warm hospitality. We hope to have the opportunity to meet you again, at our place or yours. Warm warm wishes!

Jan and Barry - Western Australia

Thanks to you, we have just celebrated Corky’s birthday in the most amazingly beautiful way. It beats any other birthday since the day she was born! We have fallen in love with Nilaya, her warmth and coziness has made us feel at home and perfectly comfortable the entire trip. The meals were the best we have had in France to date. All the details of everyday life aboard were perfectly planned and executed. The beauty of the scenery was surpassed only by the always warm, friendly and sparkling company of our hosts and fellow passengers (Jan & Barry). We will be back!

Corky and Gordon - California, USA

What a great adventure! We had no idea what a barge trip in France would be like. Glenda and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip except for the weather, which no one could control. Isabelle and Kevin compliment each other so well, it is delightful. The meals were professionally made and presented in such a beautiful manner. All the dishes, tablecloths, glasses and accommodations were wonderful. We really got a feel for how life is in France. We will have fond memories for the rest of our lives. Thank you Kevin and Isabelle!

Dan and Glenda - Wisconsin, USA

April 2019

Thank you for an amazing adventure. An interesting and relaxing trip. Learned a great deal about barge handling watching Kevin & Izzy work together seamlessly. The food was a highlight most definitely.We will definitely return.

JoAnn and Daniel - Washington, USA

It would be difficult to overstate just how wonderful this barge experience has been. Between the scenery, the food and the gracious hosts, we were sublimely satisfied. Thanks to Izzy & Kevin for an unforgettable holiday!

Pat and John - Hawaii, USA

Thank you Izzy and Kevin! We had a wonderful time on the lovely Barge Nilaya! You are a great team. Kevin’s information was so interesting and Izzy’s grasp on hospitality was a joy.

Laura, George, Nancy and Tom - Michigan, USA