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Photograph taken in March 2004 in Jodphur, Rhajasthan, IndiaAre you thinking of buying a barge to go cruising on the European waterways?

I did that by taking the plunge, selling my home, finding the right vessel and very quickly immersing myself in everything 'barge'! (See more by clicking here)

It's been a voyage of Discovery in every sense of the word! 

If you'd like to 'try before you buy', pick my brains for a week, while experiencing a 1922 Dutch Barge on the French canals, why not join me and actively participate in a uniquely informal, week aboard my beautiful Luxemotor. What you might learn could save you a fortune, plus you'll have a lot of fun in the process.

We'll also soak up some of the rich heritage, mouth watering cuisine, delicious cheese and world renowned wines that reward France with it's global reputation for gastronomic excellence!

My 2019 'Voyage of Discovery' starts in May cruising the beautiful Canal de l'Est, Moselle River and Canal des Vosges via the stunning city of Nancy. We then revisit the 'magical' River Meuse, through to the spectacularly situated Dinant in Belgium, taking in some of the finest river landscapes in Europe.


If that wasn't enough, Barge Nilaya then heads back up the River Meuse before heading southwest to Paris through the intensely rural Canal des Ardennes.  


After a week moored in central Paris, we're then off up the River Marne to thoroughly explore Champagne. With luck we'll witness the grape harvest in this famous wine producing region as we go. 


As leaves start to change, Barge Nilaya will wend her way through the beautiful Canal des Ardennes, down the River Meuse toward an exciting winter 'studying' abbey brewed beers in Belgium's world famous and beautiful city of Ghent.


I hope you enjoy visiting the my website and look forward to welcoming you aboard at some point in the future. 


With kindest regards




Skipper and Owner

"Thank you for the wonderful trip and all the helpful information. Maybe our paths will cross again should we take the plunge next year"

R & J - Lancashire, England


"Kevin. We have sometimes sat beside canals saying "we wonder what it would be like to cruise on a barge." Well, now we have and we wouldn't have missed it for anything. The really great thing about Barge Nilaya is that it is not just a means of transport, but your home and major life project. You have done a fantastic job with Barge Nilaya and through your enthusiasm for river life, have enabled us to experience a little of the relaxing and beautiful Meuse. Thanks for being such excellent and tolerant hosts for the week."

S & D - Victoria, Australia

Join me and actively participate in a uniquely informal voyage of discovery aboard a tastefully converted 1922 ex cargo barge as it explores timeless reaches of France's most beautiful canals and rivers.
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Cruising the magnificent River Meuse during Autumn 2019 

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Approaching Epinal in France's beautiful Vosges  

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