Things that go bang

Icebergs...? Hopefully, the only ice we'll encounter will be the kind that chinks in our glasses!

There can be quite a number of different noises you might encounter during a typical stay aboard Barge Nilaya or any other barge for that matter. Waves from passing boats, canoes or even ducks can cause a slapping, bubbling or swishing noise as they hit the hull.

The sludge at the bottom of canals sometimes releases gas bubbles which come up under the hull and roll around the steel to reach the surface causing another bubbling sound. Algae grows on the waterline of the boat and swans and ducks love to feast on it. This can cause a rhythmical tap tap tap.

Banging noises are often the fenders slapping the wall or side of Barge Nilaya because of waves or wind. Nilaya has a lot of machinery aboard including water pumps, central heating pumps, macerator pumps and smaller pumps that drain the shower sumps. These will operate automatically as and when required and can sometimes come on during the night when someone uses the bathroom.

The biggest noise aboard and most problematical for many of our guests is quite simply the sound of silence. It takes some getting used to.