Tailor-made dream cruises

Can we help you realise a dream?

Have you ever fancied cruising through the majestic Canals of France, enjoying the best the country has to offer, on a schedule that you've decided, dining in restaurants that you've carefully researched, maybe having close friends join you aboard 'your' barge for a few days, in 'your' spare en-suite guest cabin. 

Maybe that cruise might start in the heart of romantic Paris before cruising through to the vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy? Maybe we can hire a car to accompany Barge Nilaya so that you have mobility at every location? Dinners pre booked in Michelin starred restaurants? Balloon flights? Jeep Safaris?  

The possibilities are limited only by our combined imaginations!

If you've been dreaming of some particular cruise, region, location, river, canal, idea or date, please get in touch and let me know. Provide as much information as you can about what you might fancy and I'll get planning something especially for you. 

The earlier you get in touch, the more flexibility I have. my barge is on a never ending voyage of discovery throughout the waterways of France and although I decide my outline cruise route each winter, this is completely flexible and subject only to actual commitments and locations made to guest crew who book their space. The more bookings I take, the less flexibility I have. Why not start planning that dream cruise for 2019. My diary is clear... 

By way of an example: an Australian couple chartered Barge Nilaya for three and a half weeks in summer 2019. They told me what they wanted and together we built a wonderful schedule enabling them to invite all their friends and relatives aboard for a few days each at a time. It worked very well and was a wonderful experience for all involved. On occasions, I allowed them so use the futon to accommodate extra overnighting couples in the saloon.

We cruised through the heart of Paris, moored right under the Eiffel tower, traveled through a tunnel under the Bastille to Villette and onward up the Seine and Marne Rivers into Champagne country! Their dream became a reality and it was fantastic to have been able to realise it for them.

Barge Nilaya moored under Paris's Eiffel Tower
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Barge Nilaya moored under Paris's Eiffel tower in Summer 2019

The canal side chateau at Longecourt-en-Plaine on the Burgundy Canal

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The canal side chateau at Longecourt-en-Plaine on the Burgundy Canal

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