Reims to Charleville-Mezieres
Reims to Charleville-Mezieres - Champagne-Ardennes Barge Cruise
Highlights: Charleville-Mezieres Place Ducale - Montgon Flight of 27 Locks - Rural scenery - Champagne Capital of Reims

Join Nilaya at her beautiful mooring in the capital or the Ardennes region, Charleville Mezieres. A pleasant town laid out in the 17th century around Place Ducale, one of the most beautiful Louis XIII squares in France. Enjoy its pavement cafes maybe taking in dinner at the wonderful Clef du Champs restaurant. Uncover the rural France as we follow the picturesque Canal des Ardennes, a highlight of which is the 27 lock staircase of the Montgon flight. Our cruise ends in the beautiful Champagne capital of Reims. We'll help you see the best that this wonderful city has to offer including a tasting at one of the most famous Champagne houses in the world. Barge Nilaya - Offering unforgettable experiences on the Canals of France.

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