A lift to Alsace
Nancy to Saverne - Alsace Lorraine Barge Cruise
Highlights: Stunning Nancy - Zorn Valley - Arzviller Barge Lift - Beautiful Lutzelbourg - Magnificent scenery
Quoting from possibly the most authoritative work on the French canals, 'Cruising French Waterways' by Hugh McKnight: "Given just one day to convert a person to the delights of French canal cruising, I would choose to take them along the 20km of Canal de la Marne au Rhin from Saverne to Niderviller in NW Alsace. We would climb through radar-controlled locks into the steep sided and thickly wooded valley of the Zorn to Lutzelbourg; marvel at this charming little town in the Vosges; journey onwards to where the St-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane lifts our boat up a cliff face; voyage through the pine trees; and finally dive underground through two tunnels towards the more gentle countryside of Lorraine. It is 20km that contains a microcosm of all that I find irresistible about French waterways." Barge Nilaya - Offering unforgettable experiences on the Canals of France.

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