barge cruising France

Barge cruising France
barge cruising

Barge cruising France - More about Barge Nilaya

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Barge cruising - France - Welcome aboard

Soak up some seriously slow cruising, far from the madding crowd. Why not enjoy barge cruising in France aboard a classic 1922 luxemotor barge and my comfortable home Nilaya.  barge cruising France

barge cruisingJoin her voyage of discovery through the magnificent rivers and canals of France. Enjoy barge cruising aboard a beautiful, historic 1922 barge as it moves slowly through the waterways of Europe.

barge holidays frenchSo slow in fact that you can easily walk or cycle and get ahead of her. Speed is not what barge cruising the rivers and canals of France is all about. It's about a week of tranquil lazy days, cruising through ever changing scenery, relaxing and leaving your normal world so very far behind. 

Flexible, relaxing, fun, hands on barge cruising. Getting involved with the daily routine, shopping, meeting the French etc. will provide a wonderful and Wonderful experience. There will also be loads of time to relax too! 

Joining Nilaya for barge cruising makes you an integral part of our team. You'll need to be reasonably agile and willing to participate in as many  aspects of shipboard life as you feel like. 

holidays on a French bargeThis might include shopping for food at local markets, cycling off to find fresh baguettes and croissants for breakfast, assisting in the galley, tidying up, helping work Barge Nilaya through locks, navigation, steering, and most importantly, telling the captain where to go.... It's your barge cruise after all! 

You'll need to participate, make your own bed, have an open mind, great sense of humour and accept that things can and will go pear shaped sometimes. If you arrive aboard Nilaya with a positive mindset, you will quite simply have the time of your life.

Once aboard, I hope to indulge you in my passion for global travel, Belgian beer, local wine, tasty regional cuisine and soaking up the ever changing landscapes that glide ever so gently past Barge Nilaya. barge cruising

Nilaya offers most of the comforts of a home away from your home. Her two cosy cabins can be arranged as either twin or double and both have private en-suite shower rooms. She has a spacious saloon with big panoramic windows offering great views, day or night plus a well equipped galley. 

Nilaya accommodates up to four guests, so once you've booked, it'll be a bit like having your own private barge. If you are a party of five or six and two persons are prepared to use the double sofa bed in Nilaya's saloon (and use a private access to the Jannetje cabins ensuite bathroom), please email. We might be able to accommodate you.

Payments from guests provide for day to day running and most importantly, the large maintenance fund keeping my 90 year old, 82 tonne barge afloat! 

Don't hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any further assistance. New photographs, links and information are being added to this site all the time.

Barge Nilaya is my wonderful cruising home and I welcome you to her unreservedly. They say that you only regret the things you failed to do in life?  Just imagine that fun you've yet to have.

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2004-2013, Barge Nilaya Charter Cruises . All rights reserved

Barge Nilaya
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2004-2013, Barge Nilaya Charter Cruises . All rights reserved