Electricity aboard 

Nilaya has three separate voltage supply systems in operation throughout Barge Nilaya. 

12 volt circuits provide continual power for recessed ceiling spot lights, VHF radio, main engine and our generator start up. 24 volt circuits supply almost all other internal and navigational lighting, water pumps, bilge pumps and extractor fans.

230 volt circuits are supplied by three different methods depending upon Barge Nilaya's location. When cruising, our 'inverter' continuously transforms stored 24 volt battery energy into 230 volt supplies  capable of powering computers, hair driers, heated rollers, radios, fans, TV's, camera / video/ other battery chargers, our vacuum cleaner and the stereo system. 

Use of higher voltage equipment such as our microwave, tumble drier, washer, iron or immersion heater are limited to times when we are connected to either a 16 amp shore supply or when running our 6 Kw generator. 

When shore power is unavailable, it's normal to run our generator for a couple of hours each day (usually while cruising). Unfortunately this does produce some noise but is an unavoidable part of living aboard a ship. The less power we consume, the less time we have to run the generator.

For North American guests, it is vital that you bring 230 / 110 volt converters or adaptors and more importantly CHECK their suitability before any connection aboard. If you have doubts, please get in touch before you travel.

Both cabins have basic hair dryers.