Joining Barge Nilaya Burgundy Alsace Lorraine and the Ardennes

On guest changeover days, our barge is normally ready for you at about 4pm and Barge Nilaya generally moors a short taxi ride from the nearest bus or railway station. Prior to your arrival, email me and I will inform you exactly which station you will need to head for in order to meet Barge Nilaya. I or another member of crew will do our best to meet you at that station and personally escort you to the mooring. 

Unlike many barges, Barge Nilaya does not repetitively cruise the same section of canal. We offer a constantly moving 'feast' and although endeavoring to keep close to the original 'cruise plan', point out that things often do and have to change. Flexibility is the name of the game and by booking, you must accept that all cruises are subject to unforeseen circumstances. It's an adventure holiday after all...

Worry not. You will be provided with Barge Nilaya's mobile 'phone number so communication with Barge Nilaya is unlikely to be a problem.

Once we have confirmed your reservation and dates, you will be able to confidently make international travel arrangements.

All that then remains is for you to make your way to the barge. We'll assist in which train you'll need to catch.