Barge & Cycling Holidays

You cycle while we move your accommodation

Thank you for the wonderful visit. The tour of the canals, locks, plus food, wine and beer was a great treat. Barge Nilaya is a perfect base for bicycle trips. Coming back to a spanking clean barge for a shower and a great meal after a cycle trip is a great way to go. This was the perfect of days. R.K - British Columbia, Canada 

Barges and bikes go extremely well together. A barge offers all the comforts of home and exclusive use by groups of four cyclists and their bicycles in comfort. By special arrangement, I might even be able to accommodate six, possibly even cruising in tandem with a friends barge doubling that capacity. 

Barges go lovely and slowly and while we move between the locations we've agreed upon, you can either relax aboard or zig zag and cycle between those points. On many occasions, rivers or canals have wonderful flat cycle ways alongside making it possible to put the bike aboard when you get tired or lift it off at a lock when you fancy a bit of exercise. In the latter half of our schedule, Burgundy and Vosges offer terrific opportunities for cycling. Study my schedule, dig out your maps and a fantastic holiday might be in the making. 

The cyclist snoozes under a nearby treeAfter a healthy breakfast each morning, you can use Barge Nilaya's galley to make up a substantial packed lunch to take with you. Depending on the planned route, we might even be able to rendezvous with you for a proper lunch aboard. Each evening you can return to Barge Nilaya for steaming showers and either dine ashore or self cater aboard.

What we might do together is limited only by our combined imaginations. 

Look what another of our cyclists said about Barge Nilaya:

This is a definite do again experience and one that will bring up memories for a lifetime. Relax on a barge, watch life go by at 4 knots, I don't think so! Peddle all day, party, party, get up, do it all again. Or did we get it all wrong? Anyway, we had a blast Kevin, you're a great host, plain and simply put and your barge / home / party machine is the best and it's a work in progress!

P & K.P - British Columbia, Canada


Cycling goes well with moving accommodation
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Cycling through the wonderful French countryside 

The bikes are loaded and it's time to cruise!

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Accommodating Bikes and Bikers is no problem for the capacious Barge Nilaya

The towpath here is one small section of a grand European route linking the French city of Nantes with the Black Sea via the Loire, Saone, Doubs, Rhine and Danube. Quite an undertaking and what will be a terrific cycle way when completed by 2019.

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Works are underway to complete the Nantes to Budapest Cycle Track. A grand European route linking the French city of Nantes with the Black Sea via the Loire, Saone, Doubs, Rhine and Danube. 

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