Frequently Asked Questions
How and where do I join Barge Nilaya?

Can I check French train times from where I am?

Once I have my train ticket, do I have to do anything else at the station?

What happens on the day we are due to leave Barge Nilaya?

What unforeseen circumstances might affect our cruise?

What clothing and luggage are suitable. Do you do laundry?

What sort of electrical system do you have and can I bring appliances from home?

What about photography, cameras and film?

Is barge cruising suitable for children, pets or disabled persons?

Do I need medical, travel and cancellation insurance?

Will everyone I meet speak English?

Tell me about the food and restricted diets?

What type of currency or credit cards should I bring?

Are there any strange noises we'll encounter on Barge Nilaya?

How can I find out if you have availability of the dates I want?

I want to book a cruise. What's the procedure?

Barge Cruise Questions and Answers